Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mummy Bragging!

I'm so proud of my eldest daughter today (and every day!) - she won the Adelaide Magazine Annual Youth Cover design competition. She was the youngest entrant ever. We went to the announcement do last night and the room was full of all these hipster 20 something artists and designers. I  think some of them were a bit shocked when a fifteen year old beat them! The Editor said some really cool things about Bel's style of art. She's pretty busy with year 11, but she is planning on getting some of her designs printed up on cards and gift tags very soon. The photo below was taken at E for Ethel who stock her bookmarks and gift tags (and my cushions and zip up pouches).

Picture: SIMON CROSS Source: adelaidenow


  1. Bragging entirely justified! What fabulous recognition for outstanding work :)

  2. Congratulations, so very exciting. Of course you must brag! What a pity my Mum (who lives in the Adelaide hills)left this morning on a trip away for a few weeks. I would have loved her to see this article. Looks like some dreams will come true for your daughter.

    1. I think she's a bit overwhelmed actually - what with her face her art all over Facebook, not to mention in over 200,000 newspapers! The link to the article is

  3. Hi Emma
    Have missed your posts lately...thought you'd like to know, my Mum saw your daughter's winning entry when it was published while she was waiting for her hairdressing appointment in at Crafer's Hair Studio (2 days before she went away)!!